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Behavioural Change and Management

Faced with a special child’s/youth’s frequent tantrums, fights and outright defiance can wear out even the most resilient parents.  For some children/youth, the patterns of negative behaviour are so ingrained that counselling alone is not sufficient to bring about a resolution of the problems.  Particularly for younger and less verbally-inclined children, counselling on its own may not achieve the targetted behavioural change entirely.

To address this issue, we offer a comprehensive Behavioural Change and Management Programme (BCMC) where our consultants work in close partnership with the parents to analyse their child’s/youth’s patterns of behaviour, understand the causes, devise strategies for a win-win solution, implement the strategies and positively reinforce the good progress.  Observations are carried out in the child’s/youth’s typical course of activities (e.g. in school or at home) and strategies are implemented onsite by caregivers or teachers with close guidance from our consultants.  Think ‘Super Nanny’, only that we offer a more comprehensive and long-term working partnership.

Give us a call if you need an experienced professional to get to the root of your child’s / youth’s behavioural problem.  No child is totally beyond control.  It just takes the right key to unlock his/her heart.


Social Emotional Learning

Is your child in constant disagreement with his/her friends?  Does he/she have little social success? Social skills may not come easily to many children / youth with special needs.  For this group of children / youth, specific training in the area of emotional intelligence is needed to help them better understand themselves and the dynamic nature of social relationships.

We offer a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programme that not only goes beyond MOE’s SEL minimum age-appropriate standards, but one that is also further customised to each special child’s/youth’s learning needs and specific situations.   Participants will not only gain self and social awareness, they will also learn better decision-making techniques, self-management and relating skills, manners and etiquette, in addition to building their self-confidence. This programme can be done in groups or on an individual basis. 

Drop us a line today for a discussion if you’d like to see your child’s EQ improve by leaps and bounds!

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