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Special Enrichment Activities

Held in small groups and specially tailored for children/youth with special needs, our enrichment classes offer participants the opportunity to socialise and interact with other children / youth with special needs, allowing them to learn about and accept their own differences.  It also gives them a fun-filled way to develop their gross and fine motor skills, balance and co-ordination, oral communication and expressiveness. But best of all, they open up the world of endless possibilities to the child / youth and tap the innate creativity inside, helping the child / youth to banish learned helplessness and say instead ‘Yes, I can do it!’.

Enrichment courses offered at Foundational and Intermediate levels include:

1.   Art & Craft*

2.   Dance*

3.   Speech and Drama*

4.   Public Speaking*

5.   Learning Journeys

If there are other enrichment activities you would like us to organise for your child, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

*  Venues may vary.  Private individual/group lessons can be held in the comfort of your home if you have a suitable space for the activity.

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