Have you seen a baby butterfly lately?  No?  That’s because there aren’t  any baby butterflies in the world, only caterpillars! All butterflies start off as worms, not at all resembling the beautiful creatures they’ll turn out to be eventually.  But give them the right nutrients, environment and time, these creepy-crawlies transform into the previously unimaginable beauties of flight.

That’s what we seek to do here at The Butterfly Cove.  We provide that safe and sheltered respite (’Cove’) from the maddening crowd for children and youths with Special Needs to make their own unique transformational learning journeys. We meet them at their point of need and provide the individualised support they need.We give them the tools and strategies they need to succeed.  We (re)build their spirits and encourage their hearts.  We walk with them on their journeys, sometimes as a leader, sometimes as a friend, but always as a cheerleader to help them believe they can do it.

Let us know what assistance you or your child needs and we’d be there.  No person’s too young (or old) and it’s never too late.  Just drop us a line or email us.  Our certified Special Education Consultants are always glad to be of service.

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